If you plan to make multiple purchases with us (THANK YOU!), subscribe and you are entitled to a FREE 11th box which is equivalent to as much as 9% additional discount!


By subscribing, you are shielded from a price increase, you will receive your future orders at the SAME price as your first shipment until the end of your subscription period.


By subscribing, you save yourself the hassle of having to re-order every time your contact lens supply runs out. Our automatic reorder system can help you.


Although the subscription period is not more than 1 year, you have the right to cancel your subscription (for automatic reorders) anytime you wish to with no penalty or charges.

When you are ready to ORDER, the system will ask whether you would like to make a ONE-TIME PURCHASE or SUBSCRIBE FOR AUTO REORDER. To subscribe, please select “SUBSCRIBE FOR AUTO REORDER.” You will then be asked to fill in the order details that you would like your future orders to be repeated automatically and monthly until the end of your subscription period.

For future purchases, you’ll automatically receive contact lenses of the same type, power, and quantity every month. You can change your order date, lens type and power or cancel your subscription anytime. You can choose to switch back to the one-time purchase option anytime by canceling your subscription setting in your My Account page by selecting “CANCEL AUTO REORDER.”

Every month, before we ship your contacts, we’ll send you a reminder email with the details of your upcoming contact lens shipment. You’ll only be billed when we process and confirm your automatic purchase. You’ll also be notified if your preferred lens item is temporarily out of stock or if your product is discontinued.

Visit your My Account page, update your lens type and other order details by selecting “EDIT AUTO REORDER.” Make new changes in your Auto Orders and save. The new changes will take effect on your next shipment.

You can make all sorts of changes to your subscription in your “My Account” page. Make sure to save your changes before leaving. Here’s what you can do on the My Profile page:

  • Update your billing and shipping address
  • Edit details of your Subscription (Auto Reorder)
  • Cancel your Subscription (Auto Reorder)
  • Update your payment information

By law, we cannot sell our contact lenses to you without a valid prescription. Hence, before your prescription with us in your personal account expires, we will send a notification email to remind you to take an online prescription renewal test with Visibly® or visit your eye doctor for an eye examination and to renew your prescription. Once your prescription has been renewed, please resubmit it to us immediately and your subscription (auto reorder) will then resume.

However, if your existing prescription expires and you fail to send us a renewed valid prescription to replace it in time, your subscription account will be suspended, and no automatic orders will be processed for you. In this case, we will send you an email informing you that your subscription has been suspended until this issue is resolved.

Before your current prescription expires, please take an online prescription renewal test with Visibly® or visit your eye doctor for an eye examination. When you receive a new prescription, please go into your Personal Account and upload your renewed prescription or send us a copy of your prescription via email.

Nothing. As long as your subscription is valid, your automatic orders each month will be based on the original prices of the products when your subscription period began. That simply means that by subscribing, you will be protected from a price increase by locking in the contact prices when your subscription starts.
Please note that a subscription period cannot be longer that 1 year or the remaining life of your prescription, whichever is shorter. There are a few incidents which may revoke your subscription. Your subscription may be revoked if:

  • your prescription expires before the end of the subscription period and you have not resubmitted the renewed one into the system;
  • there is a problem with your payment (credit card);
  • you cancel your subscription;
  • your account has been terminated.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Our subscription system can only repeat the same order on a monthly basis. Other order frequencies such as weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc. are not available yet.

By subscribing, you are automatically entitled to receive the 11th box of your contact lenses free of charge.

This free 11th box promotion is for our subscription members only. Customers who make individual purchases with us are not entitled to this benefit.

To avoid any misunderstanding, this promotion is to reward our subscription members with the 11th dispenser box FREE (not the 11th order free as one order might contain more than one box). However, you are still responsible for taxes (if any) and also the shipping cost of this free 11th box.

We start counting your 11th box from the first order that you place with us, selecting “Subscription Monthly Auto-Reorder” as your Ordering Method. Please note that one order may contain more than one dispenser box. In our calculation, we focus on the “box” that you order, not the number of orders.

When you renew your prescription, your tally calculation will not be interrupted as long as you remain in our subscription plan. We will continue counting your box number and you will earn every 11th box free.

If you decide to cancel your subscription to switch to a one-time purchase option or to stop buying our contacts and later return to become our subscription member again in the future, your 11th box calculation will start from 1 (your past purchase history will not come into consideration).

A subscription member cannot combine his or her purchase with anyone else’s to count towards the free 11th box.

Once you place an order via a monthly subscription, you are automatically enrolled into our 11th box free reward program. You do not need to apply separately. A one-time purchase customer will not enjoy this benefit.

Every 11th box of your total accumulative subscription orders since the start of your subscription is yours for free (but you will pay for taxes and shipping). We count the total number of contact lens boxes and not the number of total orders. For instance, if you subscribe to receive 3 boxes of Ocylens contact lenses every month in your order (in one single shipment every month), your total accumulative orders on the 4th month will be 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12 boxes. That means on the 4th month, you will be charged for only 2 boxes of Ocylens contact lenses and you earn 1 box for free. Taxes and shipping cost, however, will be calculated based on 3 boxes of delivery. Likewise, on the 8th month of subscription orders, your total accumulative orders on the 8th month will be 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 24 boxes. That means on the 8th month, you will be charged for only 2 boxes of Ocylens contact lenses and you earn 1 box for free. This 11th box free benefit will continue as long as you remain in our subscription (auto-reorder) program and this promotion has not been terminated.

At this time, we do not have a gifting option yet. Due to the prescription requirement, it is rather difficult to send our products as a gift.